Unique Benefits

Placement Potentiel provides cost-effective and hassle-free financial subsidies to all companies that use our Specialized Employment Agency to meet their personnel requirements.

All personnel hired through Placement Potentiel remain on our payroll. Participating companies pay only a portion of an employee’s salary. We pay the rest and take care of all payroll deductions and related paperwork, including CSST contributions.

Companies that use our Specialized Employment Agency also enhance their image as community leaders. In addition to providing sustainable employment opportunities to a disadvantaged segment of the population, companies show their commitment to fair and equitable business practices.

Our employees, in turn, work hard to ensure they fulfill their responsibilities. Some of our long-term employees have received promotions for their commitment and diligence to their jobs, including supervisory-level promotions.

Other advantages include:

  • Access to an experienced, highly motivated and reliable labour pool
  • Individual and group placements available
  • Participating companies pay only a percentage of an employee’s salary
  • We take care of all payroll deductions, including CSST contributions

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